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Glass Animals

Glass Animals - Dreamland [Glow In The Dark LP]

Glass Animals - Dreamland [Glow In The Dark LP]

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Track Listing
1.Dreamland, 2.Tangerine, 3.((home movie: 1994)), 4.Hot Sugar, 5.((home movie: btx)), 6.Space Ghost Coast Coast, 7.Tokyo Drifting, 8.Melon and the
Coconut 9.Your Love (Déjà Vu), 1.Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth, 2.It’s All So Incredibly Loud, 3.((home movie: rockets)), 4.Domestic Bliss, 5.Heat
Waves, 6.((home movie: shoes on)), 7.Helium

  • Format: Vinyl
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