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Pennywise - Never Gonna Die [Explicit Content]

Pennywise - Never Gonna Die [Explicit Content]

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Pennywise - Never Gonna Die - Formed in the South Bay of Los Angeles, a neighborhood with a rich punk rock history, Pennywise began in 1988. The band would go on to amass an international following through relentless touring and a melodic high energy sound merging melodic surf punk, blistering hardcore and the classic punk of their youth. The group has solidified their place in punk history and are ready to continue their legacy with their long awaited new album, Never Gonna Die. A return to form for the band, Never Gonna Die contains 14 solid tracks that a punk fan can run in circles to.

- Disc 1 -
1 Never Gonna Die
2 American Lies
3 Keep Moving on
4 Live While You Can
5 We Set Fire
6 She Said
7 Can't Be Ignored
- Disc 2 -
1 Goodbye Bad Times
2 A Little Hope
3 Won't Give Up the Fight
4 Can't Save You Now
5 All the Ways U Can Die
6 Listen
7 Something New

  • Genre: Punk
  • Format: Vinyl
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