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Millencolin - Life on a Plate

Millencolin - Life on a Plate

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Millencolin: Nikola (vocals, bass); Erik, Mathias (guitar, background vocals); Larzon (drums).
Additional personnel: Fredrik Folcke (saxophone); Markus Lowegren (trombone); Dan Swano (background vocals).
Recorded in August 1995.
After Swedish skatepunkers Millencolin dropped their first full-length, Tiny Tunes, in 1994, the group quickly assembled their follow-up, Life on a Plate, the next year. Both discs were originally offered in Scandinavia only, but after Millencolin began achieving substantial chart success in their home country, the group signed with Epitaph Records and this sophomore effort made its way to American shores in 1996. Millencolin's evolution toward a more song-oriented pop-punk sound is most evident on standout tracks like "Killercrush" and "The Story of My Life." The melodies and guitar riffs are tight and catchy, and the band's unique Scandinavian take on the crowded, some might say stagnant American punk subgenre of the time is as refreshing as it is accomplished. ~ Vincent Jeffries

  • Genre: Punk
  • Format: Vinyl
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